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Algebra homework help uses graphing tool and Texas Instruments have joined to offer homework help to struggling math students.
Publish date: and Texas Instruments have joined to offer homework help to struggling math students. is offering algebra tutors trained to provide help for difficult math concepts through's online classroom using TI-NspireTM Teacher Edition graphing software.

With TI-Nspire graphing software loaded onto's web platform, algebra tutors are able to illustrate math problems four different ways on the student's computer screen, enabling students with different learning styles to develop a deeper understanding of math concepts.

Students and parents can get free tips on how to be a successful math student and make the most of their TI calculator by following on Twitterfor the next month, where the company will post a tip a day. Students can also get free minutes of online homework help from for entering their graphing calculator id at



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Pearson has teamed up with Virtual Nerd to offer middle and high schoolers free access to online, interactive videos and homework help whenever, wherever they need support.

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Using Games to Reinforce Pre-Algebra and Algebra

 By Traci Dunbar, Ocoee Middle SchoolPre algebra and algebra are the gateway to more advanced math concepts and computations, and therefore critical for students to master. However, teachers often find that students lack the basic skills or knowledge needed to