Splashtop Expands Chromebook Support

Splashtop Inc. today announced new Chromebook support and features to its Splashtop Classroom and Splashtop Mirroring360education technology solutions.

Splashtop Classroom now allows teachers to share their lesson content and apps to student Chromebooks in addition to iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs and Macs. The latest release includes new features such as: Cloud support, streaming audio and the ability for students to control lessons using Chromebooks and other devices.

Mirroring360 displays iOS screens wirelessly to a projector via PC or Mac with no extra hardware or cables.

When Mirroring360 is used together with Splashtop Classroom, features include:

  • Sharing instantly between teacher and student Chromebooks and other devices
  • Placing content directly in front of students
  • Letting students share their screens from anywhere in the classroom without leaving their seats
  • Enabling teachers to teach from anywhere in the classroom
  • Turning tablets into interactive whiteboards

For a video demonstration, visit http://youtu.be/xSeevcf280Y. To learn more, visithttp://education.splashtop.com