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App offers grammar on the go

 R U able 2 rd ths? If so, you get an A+ in SMS
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R U able 2 rd ths? If so, you get an A+ in SMS (Short Message Service), today's communication method of choice for our texting and twittering tweens and teens. As this rapid fire messaging language has gained in popularity, however, many educators are questioning whether basic grammar and writing skills are being left behind. Pearson's Vocabulary Central app is designed to help reinforce these skills in entertaining ways, through interactive songs, trivia games, and flashcards, anytime, anywhere. 



Two New Grammar Apps Debut

Super Duper Publications has added two new educational grammar applications — Using I & Me Fun Deck and Was & Were Fun Deck — to help children learn pronouns and verb forms in a fun, interactive way

Math app offers games, rewards

A new on-the-go iPad app, SuccessMaker Speed Games capitalizes on mobile technology to enable anytime and anywhere practice of basic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.