Tobii Dynavox Adds Spanish Version of Compass Software

Tobii Dynavox, provider of accessibility and communication solutions for individuals with disabilities, announces the availability of a Spanish version of its Compass Software, which helps users with communication challenges communicate. Compass Software is now available in an English-Spanish bilingual version to help bilingual users communicate.

Included with all Tobii Dynavox devices, on the iPad app and in a free update for existing Compass software users, Spanish Compass includes a Spanish language choice in the Interface Settings menu, Spanish strings throughout the systems menus, Spanish word prediction and word morphology, Spanish TTS voices and Spanish versions of the All Access and Navigator page sets.

Spanish Compass can now be found on the Tobii Dynavox T10, T15, I-12, I-15, M-8 and Compass app. A highly requested feature, the release of Spanish Compass greatly increases the reach of Compass, particularly in the United States.