Tabtor Publishes Middle School Math Survival Guide

Tabtor today announced the release of a new guide to help students navigate middle school and prepare for new math concepts introduced with Common Core State Standards. The e-book, A Guide to Surviving Middle School Math: Grade 7 Math and Practice Worksheet, is available for download at no charge.

Tabtor offers a program that includes worksheets that break concepts down and lead students through step-by-step processes and real-world problem-solving exercises. Tabtor teaches students to solve linear expressions in progressive steps, including solving expressions with like terms, unlike terms, with a rational co-efficient at a later stage and with different properties of operations, which are strategies for solving linear expressions. Tabtor then leads students through real-world problem solving and allows them to evaluate the problem-solving process and identify errors.

Tabtor’s personalized learning solution for grades 7 and 8 is available now at the iTunes App Store for iPads at a special introductory price.