Alliance for Excellent Education selects GuideK12 for data visualization

GuideK12, geo-visual analytics for education partnered with The Alliance for Excellent Education
to create an interactive map for the Alliance's Digital Learning Day website, highlighting all the schools across the country that are involved with Digital Learning Day.

Digital Learning Day, March 13, is a day to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes. Users can filter by state and zoom into areas of the map to see all the different type of events the schools are hosting.

GuideK12 has also provided Future Ready Schools an interactive map to visualize the location of all the districts that have signed the pledge, with the ability to click on each link to learn more.

The second initiative, , is led by the Alliance for Excellent Education and U.S. Department of Education with support from the Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission. Future Ready Schools is helping districts quickly move to prepare students for success in college, careers and citizenships. The tools, technology and coaching needed are part of the initiative along with a Future Ready Pledge that over 1,700 school district superintendents have already signed. To support and display which districts have joined this movement,

GuideK12 is decision support software that supports administrators in making more proactive and effective decisions around student and district needs, program placement, boundary changes, school choice, emergency planning and student performance. This innovative web based software is changing how district administrators see, interact and use their data for better planning results and greater decision support. Through data visualization on an interactive map, GuideK12 facilitates greater transparency and community trustfor districts driving strategic change.

To learn more about GuideK12™ and Geovisual Analytics for education, go to or to schedule a demonstration contact