iStoryBooks App to Provide Free eBooks Subscriptions

The iStoryBooks app is now offering free premium subscriptions to teachers to further encourage interactive classroom reading with children. Available for Android, iOS and Windows, the app was also recently updated with five new eBooks and user interface enhancements.

To request a free subscription, teachers can visit and click the “contact us” link on the web page. The free subscription provides access to the complete collection of eBooks including 55 premium content books that normally costs $0.99 monthly.

The eBooks are audio-narrated and illustrated. Two of the recently added eBooks are authored by Hana Haatainen Caye. These books are Old Sultan adapted from Grimms’ Fairy Tales and The Monkey, the Crab and the BFFs. Three other eBooks were added, authored by Stacy Zeiger. The first one is The Father and His Daughters adapted from Aesop's Fables and the second one is Energy to Play. The third eBook by Zeiger, and the fifth overall, is The Incredible Growing Plant. These eBooks are audio narrated by Maya Ray and all illustrations were created by Antara Majumder.