Level Data Announces New State Validation Solution

Level Data, a managed solutions company that works with school districts across the nation to secure and administer accurate and effective data, announces a new state validation tool for school districts in New Jersey. The solution, which integrates with PowerSchool, allows educators to stay on top of state reporting and to avoid the "submit-correct-submit" cycle.

Features include:

· Allows schools or districts to correct errors in PowerSchool, rather than relying on validation reporting (corrects data in one step, not three)

· Lessens the number of errors flagged by the state

· Helps districts monitor where data errors are being entered

· Allows districts to have customized rules

· Provides instant viewing of changes made

· Allows multiple schools to be logged in at one time

The solution is currently available to school districts in New Jersey, though it will soon be launched nationwide. Learn more about Level Data and its State Validation tool at www.leveldata.com.