Social Studies-Based App Challenges Middle School Students

Dig-It! Games™, an independent developer of educational, interactive games founded by a former archaeologist and middle school teacher, today released a new version of its Roman Town game. Roman Town™, now an app for iOS 8 devices, is a social studies-based, problem-solving game that guides players through the ruins of the archaeological site of Pompeii to play challenging mini-games, discover clues, and explore the ancient Roman culture.

Features include:

  • Detailed information about Roman history, culture and artifacts
  • 11 interactive mini-games, including Knucklebones and Calculi, which are based on real games the ancient Romans played
  • Beautiful, realistic graphics that transport players to Pompeii;
  • Download for free on iPad.

Released five years ago, the original CD-ROM Roman Town won several awards including Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year, National Parenting Publications Awards Honors, Common Sense Media On for Learning Award, and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Free to download on the iTunes Store, the game has been designed for iPad users.