Tiggly Learning Systems Gaining Classroom Presence

Tiggly's Learning Systems for classrooms come with manipulatives and curriculum-aligned apps, as well as student workbooks, in-class activities with teacher guidelines, and Thinker Journals. The Learning Systems available today include Tiggly Shapes, Tiggly Math, and Tiggly Words.

Tiggly Shapes is a set of four geometric forms designed to help children learn about fundamental geometry concepts, improve language skills and develop motor skills, spatial thinking, and creativity. Tiggly Shapes Learning System includes three learning apps: Stamp, Draw, and Safari.

Tiggly Math is inspired by the classic Cuisenaire rods and includes five magnetic counting rods designed to help students develop understanding of math operations such as addition, number line, and one-to-one correspondence skills. Tiggly Math Learning System includes three learning apps: Cardtoons, Chef, and Addventure.

Tiggly Words is focused on early literacy. A set of five vowels helps students recognize phonemes, construct sounds, and learn words. Tiggly Words Learning System includes three learning apps: Tales, Submarine, and Doctor.

For more information, email educators@tiggly.com. If attending ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia, stop by Booth #139 for a hands-on demonstration.

Editor's note: Tiggly Math was selected by Tech&Learning judges as a top edtech product of ISTE2015.