Two St. Louis-Area School Districts Use Emergency Mobile Platform CrisisManager

Two St. Louis-Area School Districts Use Emergency Mobile Platform CrisisManager

SchoolDude today announced that two St. Louis-area K-12 school districts, Ritenour and Riverview Gardens, are using its mobile safety platform CrisisManager.

Ritenour School District needed an effective mobile resource to communicate emergency response procedures across its 10 schools, serving more than 6,000 students. The school district’s password-protected mobile safety plans are also accessible to local emergency responders, including six local police departments and a local fire department.

“In addition to our school officials, CrisisManager gives local police departments immediate access to safety plans including building diagrams with exterior door detail and entry points right on their mobile devices,” said Mike Wieland, assistant to the superintendent, Ritenour School District. “During an emergency, when seconds are critical, CrisisManager helps our teachers, staff and first responders make quick decisions to keep our students safe.”

Separately, with 5,200 students in St. Louis County, Riverview Gardens School District’s administrators, teachers and staff are also now using CrisisManager to access emergency response scenarios on their mobile devices. Detailed plans are available to communicate important safety information for crisis situations such as evacuations, options for active shooter response, and bomb threat procedures. In collaboration with the School Safety Teams, Riverview Gardens also intends to use the flexibility of CrisisManager to customize building-level emergency plans.

CrisisManager also provides support for more common emergency scenarios such as inclement weather, first aid, field trip safety and bullying incidents.