Upcoming Enhancements to Discovery Education’s Techbook Series Announced

Upcoming Enhancements to Discovery Education’s Techbook Series Announced

Discovery Education today announced that upcoming enhancements to its Techbook series will aim to help educators maximize instructional time by making engaging digital content more accessible to teachers and students.

Launched in 2009, Discovery Education’s Techbooks are digital textbooks for science, social studies and math that are aligned to standards, support a comprehensive curriculum, and are updated regularly at no cost. Each Techbook includes digital assets such as virtual labs, video clips, hands-on activities, text, interactive glossaries, maps, and more.

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Recently, teachers requested more ways to access the content they need for teaching and learning. In response, Discovery Education has created Concept Resource pages for each of its thousands of Techbook lessons, which saves teachers time by putting all the digital resources associated with a lesson in one “grab-and-go” setting.

Another enhancement to the Techbook series requested by teachers is the Assignment Manager, which helps educators easily assign and track student work.

Additionally, Discovery Education has upgraded the Techbook’s internal search engine. The new search engine offers teachers and students the opportunity to “search within” each Techbook’s lessons and pinpoint specific content they may wish to use.

For more information about Discovery Education’s Techbooks and other services, visit www.discoveryeducation.com.