5E / Hero's Journey Example: Simple Circuits

Girl plays Operation

(Image credit: Ramsey Musallam)

Engage: Hero is Called

  • Play Operation
  • What are you curious about?

Explore: Hero is Challenged

  • Take apart Operation and inspect how it works. Explain using words and a diagram. 
  • Create your own game by repurposing the materials. Additional materials are welcome. 

(Image credit: Ramsey Musallam)

Explain: Hero is Mentored

  • Play with this simulation
  • Complete this digital handout. 

Extend: Hero is Transformed

  • Using only the materials provided, create a circuit that serves a useful purpose.
  • Pitch your idea here

Evaluate: Hero is Judged

  • Follow rubric here
  • Present project. 

Grading rubric

(Image credit: Ramsey Musallam)

All lessons based on the 5E Learning Cycle/Hero's Journey overlap shown below: 

5E Learning Cycle/Hero's Journey

(Image credit: Ramsey Musallam)

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