Top Sites and Apps for Math During Remote Learning

Digital math tools

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers as they head back to school in the ‘new normal’ of remote learning environments is trying to make sure that students are getting a complete, well-rounded education. 

These websites, apps, and online resources (in alphabetical order) offer various curricula, lessons, games, and fun activities for building math skills.

ABCYA (opens in new tab) - A wonderful resource for educational games in a wide range of subjects including math.

AplusMath (opens in new tab) - Offers math games, worksheets, and flashcards in addition to a homework helper.

ClassPad (opens in new tab) - A new free online math tool that creates a digital scratch pad to solve any math problem, including graphing, statistics, and geometry.

Cookie (opens in new tab) - Lots of educational games for elementary students, with many designed for specific grades and skill levels.

DimensionU (opens in new tab) - One of my favorite sites/platforms for developing K-12 math skills in all areas, DimensionU uses cutting-edge technology in 3D games and esports in a safe, competitive environment.

Education Galaxy (opens in new tab) - An innovative online platform for grades K-6 that helps students achieve success in any number of core subjects including math.

Funbrain (opens in new tab) - One of the most popular educational gaming sites on the web, with activities divided by grade level.

Hypatia (opens in new tab) - An innovative equation editing tool that acts as a “spell check” for math and helps students solve problems.

iKnowIt  (opens in new tab)- Offers math practice for K-5 students, plus teachers can create class rosters, assign lessons, and track student progress.

IXL (opens in new tab) - One of the most popular sites for math for grades K-8, including algebra and geometry.  In addition to tons of lessons, it features an educational portal for student tracking and reporting.

King of Math (opens in new tab) - An interesting, fast-paced iOS game for middle school math in which students answer questions and puzzles to level up characters.

Learn Math Facts (opens in new tab) - A free, flashcard-like iOS app for students looking to improve their math skills.

Lure of the Labyrinth (opens in new tab) - Pre-algebra students can go on an amazing adventure to rescue their lost pet and avoid monsters, solving math puzzles along the way. Aligned to state standards, this app offers a variety of lessons as well.

Math A Tube (opens in new tab) - Videos, worksheets, and explanations for all sorts of math skills and concepts (geometry, decimals, fractions, etc.).

Math and Sorcery (opens in new tab) - One of my favorite iOS games for learning basic Math skills by playing an old school 8bit style RPG.

Math Attax (opens in new tab) - An excellent two-player mobile (iOS/Google Play) game in which players try to shoot the correct answer before the other.

Math Castle (opens in new tab) - A super-fun iOS game for basic math skills that has players defend a castle from a dragon by solving equations.

Math Games (opens in new tab) - Just as it sounds: Math games for all ages, divided by age or subject.

Math Game Time (opens in new tab) - A terrific site for grades K-7 with plenty of free educational games, worksheets, and videos.

Math is Fun (opens in new tab) - All things math grades K-12, with more than just equations to solve.

Math Playground (opens in new tab) - Features math resources and activities such as word problems, games, worksheets, flashcards, and more.

Milestone Math (opens in new tab) - An interesting iOS app that uses self-paced learning to help students build their math skills.

Monsters vs. Fractions (opens in new tab) - A super fun game to learn fractions through game-based learning, plus an educational portal to track and monitor students.

Mystery Math Town (opens in new tab) - This is one of my favorite unique iOS apps for building math skills. Ideally this highly addictive adventure is for kids 6-12 and focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students enter a town and try to unlock levels and characters by solving equations and finding variables.

Operation Math (opens in new tab) - A fun iPad app in which students K-8 focus on basic math skills (and some geography!) while trying to stop an evil villain from stealing numbers by solving equations and locking his escape route.

Polyup (opens in new tab) - A free site that uses game-based learning to help students grades 3-12 with math and computational skills.

Prodigy  (opens in new tab)- An innovative math game for grades K-8 with real-time reporting.

RoomRecess (opens in new tab) -   Elementary students can learn basic math concepts through a wide variety of free educational games. 

Tailor-ED (opens in new tab) - Differentiate instruction and create a specific program with digital lessons to meet individual student needs. 

Zapzapmath (opens in new tab) - A quality site for math grades K-6, with an educational portal for tracking students and generating detailed reports.

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at (opens in new tab).