What is ChatterPix Kids and How Does It Work?

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ChatterPix Kids is an app that allows teachers and students to animate pictures so that they talk. Images will employ the voice that the user records, making for lots of potential educational uses.

ChatterPix Kids is free to download and use, plus it's super easy, making it a great option for students as young as kindergarteners. It allows them to learn how to work with tech as well as express themselves creatively.

The app can be used with cartoon images to make the characters talk. It's a great option for teachers working with a hybrid classroom who want to bring the room to life. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about ChatterPix Kids.

What is ChatterPix Kids?

ChatterPix Kids is an app for Android and iOS devices that uses images and recorded audio to bring items to life. From a photo of a teddy bear to a downloaded image of a dog, it's possible to easily add an audio recording to most things.

The app is simple to use with a tutorial video built-in so anyone can get started from scratch without any teacher guidance required. Ideal for remote learning where students may be on their own.

ChatterPix Kids

(Image credit: ChatterPix)

ChatterPix Kids isn't content-focused, so there's freedom to adapt its uses to suit the students, the class, or the teacher. It does require a little creativity but that's all part of the positive learning process.

The ability to easily share these clips makes it a useful app for a set task. Since the format is easily played back, this can integrate well with LMS systems and the likes of Google Classroom.

How does ChatterPix Kids work?

ChatterPix Kids can be downloaded directly onto an Android or iOS device for free and quick installation. New users are met with a 30-second tutorial video to help get started. Following that, there are prompts for the first use that helps guide you through how everything works.

The first step is to select a photo, which can be done from taking a photo on the device or accessing it from the device's gallery. You can also download an image from online and have it ready to access. You can, for example, use a Bitmoji to animate.

ChatterPix Kids

(Image credit: ChatterPix)

Once the image is on the screen, a prompt will ask you to draw a line on the display for where the mouth is. Then you can record an audio clip of up to 30 seconds, which is helpfully paired with a countdown timer showing how long is left. After that, it can either be re-recorded or previewed. 

Then it's time to add some flair with stickers, text, or other embellishments available. There are 22 stickers, 10 frames, and 11 photo filters, at the time of publishing.

Finally, this can be exported to the device's gallery where it is saved. This can be re-edited at a later stage or shared directly.

What are the best ChatterPix Kids features?

One of the main features of ChatterPix Kids is its simplicity to use, making it accessible to lots of students, even those as young as kindergarten. That said, it's engaging enough for older students to also use creatively.

This is a fun way to have students share what they have learned without the academic requirements that traditional writing exercises entail. As a result, this can be a great way to get the entire class involved expressively, even those that are less academically inclined. 

ChatterPix Kids

(Image credit: ChatterPix)

For storytelling and creative projects, ChatterPix Kids is a great tool. It offers a new way to create concise book reviews, for example, as spoken by characters from the book, such as the fox above from The Gruffalo

Teachers could have students draw characters from a poem, or creatures from a habitat exploration, then have them speak the poem or explain how the habitat works, as examples.

Teachers can use ChatterPix as a fun way to create lesson introductions. Teaching a class on the science of space? Have it introduced with an image of astronaut Tim Peake saying what's going to happen. 

How much does ChatterPix Kids cost?

ChatterPix Kids is totally free to use and it requires no subscriptions. The app is also ad free so there is nothing getting in the way of use and no wait times required at any point.

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