January 2013

January 2013



SchoolCIO: Going Digital
By Ellen Ullman
Regardless of where the concept originates, a lot of districts are “just saying no” to textbooks and creating a digital curriculum. Not sure where to start? As always, we turn to our experts: the districts that are already on board with this new digital reality. Here are their insights.

SchoolCIO: Back Office Business

2013 Predictions
T&L and CIO Advisors share their 2013 predictions for the hottest hardware, software, and edtech initiatives.

Common Core Standards : There’s an App for That
The Common Core standards have been adopted by 45 states, opening the door for far more questions than answers. This special supplement includes expert opinions and a guide to the latest tools and apps available to help educators navigate the murky road to adopting this new teaching and learning imitative.

Shifts and Issues Associated With The Common Core

With Common Core and NCLB, Are We Missing the Point?

New Tools for the Common Core

There’s an App for That

Paved With Good Intentions

Five Things to Consider Before Implementing Embedded Assessment Technology for Reading

Common Core Ain’t Cheap


What’s New

T&L’s round-up of the latest tools for schools.


Editor’s Note – The Best is Yet to Come

News & Trends
• Top 10 Online Stories
• Do You Facebook Friend Students?
• New National School/ District Locator
• How district policy for access to Web 2.0 tools is perceived
• Contests & Grants
• Education Department Announces Race to the Top Winners
• Tech Forum Highlights
• The Principal’s Office
• Top 100 Sites of 2012

• Common Core