July 2011 Table of Contents

July 2011 Table of Contents



Award-Winning Grant Strategies
By James Careless
As school budgets shrink, grants are an increasing important way to support core activities, and to pioneer innovative new approaches to education. Here are strategies that won significant grants for these schools.

SPECIAL?REPORT Fed Funding Update: Where Did the Money Go?
Padmini Jambulapati provides a comprehensive report of the School Improvement Grant, or SIG, program—the largest pot of federal funds ever aimed at improving a discrete set of the worstperforming schools.


Put to the Test: T&L editors take some new products for a test drive.
Brainchild Kineo
Apperson DataLink 4 software
Epson BrightLink Solo

Control Room
Wouldn’t it be great to know how many laptops are being used at the school down the street? Or how many of those are due for an antivirus upgrade? Asset-management tools let IT directors find out these things, and a whole lot more, from the comfort of their desk chairs.

July 2011 What’s New
Atomic Epson BrightLink training * Bretford- Edu 2.0 * DYMO/Mimio STEM course images * HP Smart Clients * Kajeet for Education * NBC Learn CaptionSync * PCI Education LIFT * and more


Editor’s Desk
Come and Get It

News & Trends
• Next Big Thing: Casio’s eco-friendly data projectors
• Top 10 Web stories
• Top Tweets
• Blog Bits
• Finding Free Stuff
• Chicks Dig STEM
• Top 10 Sites for Creating Outlines
• Families Influence Media Choices
• Grant-Writing Strategies

How It’s Done: It’s So Easy Teaching Green
By Sascha Zuger
Schools that are combining renewable energy with classroom STEM curriculum activities.

• Jefferson County Students Outperform the State on Math and Reading Tests
• CTE: A Springboard for Success