November 2011 Table of Contents - Tech Learning

November 2011 Table of Contents

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SPECIAL Section Four Goals for the 21st-Century School CIO
This past fall some of the nation’s top school CIOs and administrators gathered in Trenton, New Jersey, for the inaugural SchoolCIO Summit. These education experts highlighted four key topics of concern for 21st-century K–12 schools— assessment, infrastructure, students, and content—and discussed specific ways their districts have addressed these issues. In this special report, SchoolCIO highlights vital takeaways from these discussions. Visit for additional interviews, tips, videos, and more.

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CIO Summit Highlights

The Assessment

The Student

The Infrastructure

The Content

SPECIAL Section: STEM Success
The importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is a popular subject. But who is actually doing something about it? Here are some examples of STEM innovations in action, compiled by Tech & Learning.

Back Office Business: How Schools Get STEM Done


Responsive Solutions
Student-response systems, which enable students to answer questions, take tests, vote, and more instantly, continue to be one technology teachers say they can’t work without.

November 2011 What’s New
Apperson Prep • AVer Videoconferencing Solution • eChalk mobile app • Kaplan Teach! online educator tool kit • M86 WebMarshal • Pearson CloudConnect • TI-Nspire • ePals LearningSpace 2.0 • and more


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Kids Build Wind-Energy Technologies on 4-H National Youth Science Day



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