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Active Participation Is Key to Student Learning

The SMART Response product line provides assessment options for every learning environment.
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The SMART Response product line provides assessment options for every learning environment. Each of the five unique models uses the same file format for consistency within schools and across districts, and supports both school- and district-level reporting. In addition, each model gives teachers the ability to instantly track quiz results and lesson comprehension to gain immediate insight into student learning and help increase overall retention and engagement.

The clickers are based on radio frequency technology, which means that no direct line of sight between the clicker and the receiver is required. Students can use the unit in a natural way without worrying about pointing the clicker at the receiver.

Here is a quick look at the five different types of SMART Response systems.

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SMART Response PE: Ideal for most K-12 classrooms, SMART Response PE includes wireless clickers and powerful assessment software that allows teachers to create assessments easily, manage classroom data instantly and effortlessly, and evaluate student progress quickly. SMART Response software guides you through every task with intuitive prompts, clear directions, and direct links. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, giving you all the tools you need to design engaging and interactive test material.

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SMART Response LE: Designed for early education students and learners with special needs, SMART Response LE features simple and colorful remotes that students at all reading levels can use to answer questions, receive instant feedback and stay engaged in lessons. The big buttons on the easy-to-hold remotes ensure that students who struggle with finemotor skills can stay involved, too. Teachers can gauge student understanding on the spot and adjust their teaching accordingly to be assured that every student in the classroom is following the lesson.

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SMART Response XE: Designed for the sophisticated needs of secondary students, SMART Response XE is the newest addition to the growing SMART Response produce line. It features a full QWERTY keyboard, which gives teachers the flexibility to ask more types of questions and students the ability to provide a wider range of responses, including those requiring advanced math and science equations.

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SMART Response CE: Designed for computer- enabled learning environments, SMART Response CE is specially created assessment software that lets students respond from their own computers, rather than from handheld remotes. Teachers use the assessment software to tally student responses to tests and quizzes, evaluate their understanding of the lesson’s content, adjust lessons on the fly and provide in-class feedback using accurate data. SMART Response CE software integrates with SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition) collaborative learning software, allowing teachers to conduct planned or spontaneous quizzes and tests, as well as report, track, and evaluate their students’ results.

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SMART Response VE (Included with all): SMART Response VE?included at nocharge as a beta version for current SMART Response users?is a browserbased tool that lets students respond to questions and quizzes right from their own mobile devices.



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