Add Voice to a Website

At vozMe you don't even need a microphone to record your voice. It uses text-recognition, and you won't believe how simple it is. Choose a language (English, Spanish, or Italian) and type your text in that language. Then listen to the voice. The result is more than a little robotic; there are no inflections or other sense of emotion—it's all flat and done in a monotone. But it's an interesting start. Give it a try. Note to site developers: adding an adjustment to control the rate of playback will make the voice sound more real.

  • Enter text in English.
  • Click the Create mp3 button.
  • A new window opens where you can click the play button to listen to your vozMe.
  • Click Download mp3 to open a new window to hear the audio file.
  • Right click (PC) on the file to save the file. For a Mac, click Ctrl while clicking on the file brings up the save menu.
  • The file appears really long. Rename the file but make sure you keep the .mp3 extension.

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