A–Z Web tools

A–Z Web tools

By Özge Karaog?lu

¦ FaceYourManga lets you create an avatar from your image and share it with others.

¦ Fav7 creates a short page that can hold up to seven URL s on one shared link.

¦ File Dropper lets you upload a file and share it with others via a link.

¦ File2 turns any file into a public Web site.

¦ FillAnyPDF is a site on which you upload your PDF form and link to it so that other people can fill it out and sign it online.

¦ Fix8 enables you to customize your onscreen virtual appearance in real time using avatar technology. In short, it’s a Webcam technology that lets you animate yourself.

¦ flickrSLiDR lets you easily embed Flickr slide shows in your blog or Web site.

¦ FlashMeeting is a tool for meeting people anywhere around the world. You book a meeting time and are assigned a password that you share with others with whom you want to collaborate.

¦ FlipText lets you write upside down.

¦ FlockDraw is a Web-based drawing tool that lets you collaborate with others to draw pictures.

¦ FluidSurveys creates online surveys and polls.

¦ FluxTime lets you create animations, edit them, and play with them.

¦ Fodey generates animated pictures, such as a newspaper clip, a talking squirrel, a talking cat, “ninja text,” and a talking flower.

¦ FoldingStory is a collaborative storytelling tool. You can create your own story or edit other stories and share them with the world.

¦ Font de Music lets you add sound and movement to words. You write your text, select a font, choose a color, and then add movement by moving your mouse up and down.

Find the complete list of tools and links at http://techlearning.com/Blogs/38940