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Classroom data tool compatible with Android

Teachscape has added the Android line of devices to the list of mobile operating systems and devices compatible with the Classroom Walkthrough (CWT) technology.
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Teachscape has added the Android line of devices to the list of mobile operating systems and devices compatible with the Classroom Walkthrough (CWT) technology. Using these devices, principals and other instructional leaders can gather observational data about classroom practices and upload this data to Teachscape’s secure server for reporting and analysis.

After classroom data is entered into a handheld device, the results of the walkthrough are uploaded via a wireless or cellular connection to the Teachscape website. Users then log onto the Teachscape website to view the uploaded entries and generate reports on the aggregated data to assist in identifying trends and patterns in teaching and learning.

The CWT data collection application is typically implemented as part of the Classroom Walkthrough process which uses the walkthrough data to engage instructional leaders and teachers in reflective learning communities focused on adjusting instruction to meet student needs.

In addition to supporting the Android line of devices, Teachscape CWT technology is also compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Palm, and Windows Mobile devices. CWT was recently named a recipient of the 2010 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence.



Data collection and analysis tool supports better instruction

 Under the leadership of Superintendent Thomas Brady and Chief Academic Officer Sharon Contreras, Providence Public School District has completed a district-wide adoption of Teachscape’s Classroom Walkthrough (CWT) system to help improve the collection of classroom instruction data and to analyze and act on the information.

New Android tablet designed for education

 Brainchild offers a solution to the costs and risks of using tablets and handheld devices in the classroom with Kineo, launched today at the Florida Educational Technology Conference. It's the first Android™ tablet eBook reader created exclusively for education, with built-in features to keep schools and students safe.

NYC schools adopt professional development tool

In an effort to provide more targeted professional development to improve teacher effectiveness, more than 150 New York City schools, which represent eight Children First Networks, have adopted Teachscape’s Classroom Walkthrough (CWT) software application and online Professional Learning Suite.

New mobile app for classrooms

Promethean today launched its first mobile app for the classroom, ActivEngage Mobile, a new virtual learner response system designed to expand and support the use of hand-held devices, such as iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android devices (tablets and phones) for teaching and learning activities.

ALEKS Boosts Tablet-Compatible Course Offerings for 2013-2014 School Year

IRVINE, Calif– Oct. 1, 2013 – As tablets top back-to-school shopping lists across the U.S., ALEKS Corporation, a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill Education, today announced new additions to its tablet-compatible course offerings for K-12 and higher education math. All elementary and middle school courses, most high school and specialized courses, as well as higher education developmental math courses are now optimized to work on a number of tablet devices present in today's mobile classrooms, including iPads and Android tablets. These courses also continue to be available on Chromebooks, Surface tablets with a keyboard component, and personal computers.

A Tool For Classroom Connections

from Educators' eZine This article covers the use of the open source content management system Drupal. Specifically it addresses the use of Drupal to facilitate on-line small group work in a classroom. I am a technology facilitator for the Glenview Public Schools, and have been teaching/managing classroom