Classroom Homepage

Question: How can I create an Internet home page just for my classroom or our school?

The IT Guy says:
There are several quick ways to make a homepage for a classroom or school. One of the best ways is to use web-based tools, like SchoolNotes ( or Quia ( SchoolNotes is free while Quia is fee-based, but Quia also lets you create a multitude of interactive web activities for students directly correlated to your instructional content. Apple provides excellent browser based web page creation tools also as part of its .Mac service ( The more "traditional way" to create web pages is to use a web page editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver and then transfer the created files from your hard drive (via FTP) to a web server. Account information including hostname, userid, and password is required for this access. MS Publisher actually includes website templates, but updating pages usually requires updating the entire site. Browser compatibility also can be an issue with sites created with Publisher, especially on non-Windows computers. My advice: use SchoolNotes or Quia, and you'll have a web page up and running in no time!

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