Colorado League of Charter Schools Names Preferred Service Provider

The Colorado League of Charter Schools has created the Preferred Service Provider (PSP) Program to present its members with credible service providers within their stated areas of expertise. PublicSchoolWORKS, a Cincinnati-based company that offers a fully-automated risk management system available for schools, has been designated as a Preferred Service Provider for Colorado charter schools.

The PSP Program is a resource directory that features professional service providers like therapists, consultants, and more committed to serving the charter school sector. Participants in the PSP Program not only demonstrate up-to-date expertise and knowledge, but they have also passed the Colorado League of Charter Schools’ ten-point evaluation process to prove that they are credible resources within their areas of expertise.

“The purpose of the PSP program is to help charter schools make wise purchasing decisions in a field they may not have experience with, like safety preparedness,” said Tiffany Kallevik, director of Member Business Services at the Colorado League of Charter Schools. “If we can save a school time and money by taking the lead on the vetting process, we will do it.”

PublicSchoolWORKS ensure schools are in compliance with federal, state and district mandates through its two product suites: The EmployeeSafe Suite which helps schools facilitate administration of safety task management (drills, inspections, IAQ, etc.), accident management, MSDS compliance, hazard/near miss reporting, staff safety training and more; and the StudentWatch Suite which provides schools with tools and programs to help address student safety and wellness concerns such as bullying and violence, and accidents.

PublicSchoolWORKS also offers comprehensive safety programs in addition to its suites to further accommodate schools’ safety needs. The new Crisis Response Program prepares schools for crisis situations such as bomb threats, active shooter situations and natural disasters. The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program (SBVPP) offers training, reporting mechanisms and support for students experiencing bullying or other safety-related situations.

“There are not many companies that can offer what PublicSchoolWORKS does with individual programs and nobody we could find that offers a whole system,” said Kallevik. “This is something so unique in Colorado that we hope the Preferred Service Provider label will let schools know that complete school safety programs exist and that they can help them save time and money.”