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Electing a President in Plain English

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The folks at CommonCraft, creators of video demonstrations that help explain the web, have turned their eyes to the presidential election and have produced a short video that explains the electoral process used to elect the President of the United States.

Electing a President in Plain English, uses simple graphics and and easy to follow narration to explain the process. This is a great introduction to the election process and could be easily used in classrooms from upper elementary all the way to college.



Planning for The Election

Tip: It's time to start planning lessons for the upcoming election! Elections give you a chance to implement some really authentic and exciting content into Social Studies. In the eLibrary you can find some very helpful resources. One of them is a Unit of Practice written for the last election, entitled

Elections in the Classroom

Elections in the Classroom Playing this game will lend insight into the often difficult but intriguing process of running for the office of the President of the United States. Pick your party and create a platform and then try everything you can to beat your opponent. This is a fun way to learn