Embedding Code

You can embed a wide variety of objects within your web pages or blogs. Many of these embedded objects appear on your site but are hosted on another site. You can embed a streaming video such as a video from YouTube, del.icio.us tags, your twitters, ClustR Maps, VoiceThreads, SlideShares, and more Web 2.0 programs.

Embedding Code into your Blog or Web Page

Suppose you find a movie, slide show, or a map that allows you to share or embed the code. For example, at SlideShare, a community for sharing presentations on the web, some authors allow sharing, and there is a place to copy the code. You can link to this object or copy the code.

  • Click on the field with the code and copy the text.
  • Go to the text editor and place your cursor where you want to place the object.
  • You may want to press enter/return once. This appears as
    for HTML code for each time you pressed enter/return.
  • View Source.
  • Click View Source on the lower left corner of the eCoach text editor.
  • If you are using a web editor, you can view page source.
  • Paste and the code will look something like this below:

NOTE: I know it looks intimidating but you will not see this when you turn off the View Source.

  • Click off View Source or Page Source and your page in edit mode will look like this:
  • Click Save or go to View mode to see the SlideShare.

NOTE: If you want to remove the object, you have to view the source code, select the code, and delete it. It's okay to make a mistake. That's how you learn. Try embedding an object for practice, knowing that probably you will make a mistake.

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