Escape The Room Game Maker

Screenshot of Room Escape Maker

Do you or your students enjoy playing escape the room games? These games are pretty popular and what you have to do is to collect the items, solve the puzzles using hints and a find a way to get out of the locked room.

Room Escape Maker is a website that gives you and your students a chance to create their own escape the room games. You can choose to play among many created games that have been done by others or choose to create your own game by clicking on ‘Create Game’ button. You can add different backgrounds, items and clues to your game. 

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You can play the games as a whole class which will promote the collaboration and problem solving skills of the students. Students can write walkthroughs for the games that are already on the website for their friends. They may review the games for each other. You may assign a game and give the walkthroughs of the game with some blanks and ask the students to complete them. 

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