Extra Hard Drive

Question: Can I use 2 hard disks of size 8 and 40 GB simultaneously in a machine having 128 mb RAM? Will it affect my system performance? I cannot delete the data on the 8 GB hard disk and I'm running out of disk space too. Formatting and copying would involve reinstallation processes.

The IT Guy says:
You should be able to install a second hard drive on your computer as a "slave drive," but it's dependent on whether or not your computer can have two ATA/IDE devices on the same ATA/IDE channel. If it can, the slave drive (after being properly installed and initialized) will appear as a second drive letter on your system and will not be the main bootable drive, but you can save all your documents and files there, as well as install new programs. You won't want to copy existing programs from your boot drive: do an uninstall from the boot drive and reinstall to the slave drive to make sure the program will function properly. A good website with tips about installing an extra hard drive is www.harddriveupgrade.com (for Windows users.) Macintosh users can try http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=24342. In either case, the "jumpers" on the extra hard drive will need to be set to the "slave" settings, these are usually either printed on the hard drive itself or described in the documentation that came with the drive.

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