Federal Funds for Technology

I know that I can use Title II funds for technology and training. What other federal funding sources allow spending for technology?

The No Child Left Behind Act emphasizes the importance of technology use in all facets of K-12 education, both as an instructional tool and as a tool for assessment and evaluation. As a result, technology components may be woven throughout applications for all sorts of federal funds.

The Northeast and Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium (NEIRTEC) has prepared a series of Technology Briefs for NCLB Planners. The briefs are free, and may be accessed at http://www.neirtec.org/products/techbriefs/default.asp. Titles include: Technology Type and Costs; Coordination with Other Resources; and Steps to Increase Accessibility. Use the information presented in the briefs to leverage dollars for technology across funding sources.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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