Free Global Ed Projects

Free Global Ed Projects

Skype in the classroom has added more partners to its free network: NASA’s Digital Learning Network, The National Museum of the Royal Navy and HMS Victory, British Council, Woodland Trust, VerbalizeIt, Action Aid, Education through Expedition and Choose2Matter. These new organizations will join more than 38,000 teachers already working together on 1,800 global educational projects. Projects in the works include:

• NASA’s Digital Learning Center will feature various projects where students can learn how to prepare a space vehicle for liftoff, help scientists to explore the basic principles of matter and design their own spacesuit mission patch.

• The National Museum of the Royal Navy and HMS Victory will give classes an exclusive mini-tour of the HMS Victory Ship, taking students aboard Admiral Nelson’s cabin, onto the quarterdeck, and allowing them to see and discuss rare artifacts relating to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

• British Council will help drive connections and exchanges between schools in developing countries and the rest of the world.

• Education through Expedition will be taking classes along for a virtual journey to Iceland to teach them about this region, offering the youngest member of the Arctic Jubilee Expedition Oli Milroy as a guest speaker.

Teachers can sign up for free at the Skype in the classroom website: