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Free hosted online course system

Blackboard Inc. has announced the launch of CourseSites by Blackboard.
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Blackboard Inc. has announced the launch of CourseSites by Blackboard, a free, fully hosted and supported online course system which gives individual K-12 and higher education instructors a cloud-based option to host online courses or add a Web-based component to traditional ones.

CourseSites is designed to support instructors who may not have access to a learning management system at their institution or school, or who may have access to an older platform system from Blackboard or a competing course management provider. Based on Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1, CourseSites features a range of social learning tools, Web 2.0 functionality and integrated technologies from Blackboard partners.



Alabama Online Systems

STI  announces today a partnership with the Alabama Department of Education to provide a Web-based statewide enrollment and scheduling system for the state-led online learning program. 

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This year's renewed emphasis on teacher quality has prompted a boom in e-learning options for professional development. And given the emphasis of No Child Left Behind, the current topic of choice is reading. Today's sources of such programs are numerous — with training embedded into curriculum offerings from

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Since they surfaced on college campuses a decade ago, online course management systems have grabbed the attention of the K-12 world. The first generation of systems, also called e-learning platforms, gave instructors a handy way to post homework assignments and supplemental resources on the network. Today's offerings,

Partnership expands online course offerings

Connections Learning (www.ConnectionsLearning.com ) and Virtual High School Global Consortium (www.govhs.org ),  today announced a partnership designed to expand the number of core online courses that Virtual High School (VHS) offers their 770 member schools worldwide

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