Google Science Fair Winners

Google recently announced the winners of the inaugural Google Science Fair. Congratulations go to:

Grand Prize Winner Shree Bose (right) poses with judge Vint Cerf.

¦ Lauren Hodge (of Dallastown, PA) in the 13-14 age group. Lauren studied the effect of different marinades on the level of potentially harmful carcinogens in grilled chicken.

¦ Naomi Shah (of Portland, OR) in the 15-16 age group. Naomi endeavored to prove that making changes to indoor environments that improve indoor air quality can reduce people’s reliance on asthma medications.

¦ Shree Bose (of Fort Worth, TX) in the 17-18 age group. Shree discovered a way to improve ovarian cancer treatment for patients when they have built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs. Shree Bose was also named the grandprize winner.

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