Huntington County Community School Corporation adopts Pearson Inform

The data analysis and decision support tool is designed for K-12 districts, and will benefit the 6,000+ students of the district’s 11 schools. In the past, teachers and administrators of the district collected student data but had difficulty searching for what they needed. With the new system, all relevant data can be made available on educators’ desktops. Pearson Inform provides a complete picture of student performance by reporting and analyzing the results from the district’s assessments, including national norm-referenced tests and early literacy assessments.

Pearson recently launched the newest update to version 5.0, adding support for linking assessment to instruction and a new Response to Intervention (RtI) connection. The tool is now dashboard-based, and uses a Flash multimedia platform. Users can view data on a particular student or group, use a “drill pointer,” and access online instructions to help students get back on track.

The new version also allows teachers to access an enhanced report library that shows comprehensive data on the student body, from student assessment profiles to improvement plans and course grades.