InfoComm 2018—Projectors Make Quite a Display of Themselves

InfoComm will brought out a wealth of unique visual tech options, designed to enhance learning for the students of tomorrow. Here are some highlights:

Let Go of Lamps

“No More Mercury!” says Joe Gillio, Senior Director for Casio America’s Business Products Division (Booth #C3757). “Casio is committed to removing toxic Mercury from schools around the world by providing LampFree projectors that use a Laser & LED light source instead of Mercury lamps. Not only do LampFree projectors save you money on lamp replacements and the costs of disposing of hazardous Mercury lamps, you can also save up to 50 percent of energy costs compared to a conventional projector with mercury-vapor lamps.”

Casio's full line of LampFree projectors, including the Advanced, Core, 4K UHD, Ultra Short Throw and Slim series, will be on display. The lineup provides eco-friendly data projection by combining a laser and LED light source to create a high-brightness, mercury-free tool that uses half the amount of power per unit than other lamp-based projectors. Additionally, Casio’s LampFree projectors' long operating life of up to 20,000 hours and the ability to run all day in extended-use applications make them an affordable, low maintenance solution for corporate, education, and retail environments. When powered on, the projectors reach maximum brightness in as fast as eight seconds and can immediately power off and then be used again right away, no cool-down needed. Casio's projectors are a safer and more affordable choice for organizations that are looking to not only go green but save money at the same time.

Do Put the Cart before the Tech

“We're interested to see the evolution of the technology that makes our AV systems more accessible and user friendly to more people,” says Mark Tracy, VP of Marketing at Middle Atlantic Products. (Booth C3683.) “Whether it's a focus on ergonomics like the sit-to-stand trend that helps educators connect with students, or on ADA compliant solutions that make collaboration technology accessible to everyone, we're excited to see how the industry is solving the challenges that will lead to more accessible AV systems enabling better communication and collaboration.”

The FlexView Series line with new IFP display carts that incorporate device mounting, power distribution, and aesthetic finishes into a sleek, sturdy design. The extra-large carts boast a robust weight capacity of 300 pounds and large VESA mounting capacity. Designed to make IFPs accessible to all users, the series’ height-adjustable carts are equipped with the company’s e-lift feature and comply with ADA regulations regarding reach ranges.

Lasers are Lit

“It is a given that visual displays enhance student engagement and learning. And, because of technological advancements, today there are an abundance of available display technologies in the education space for educators to choose from. Epson continues to support the learning experience in many classrooms by providing a variety of easy to use and affordable projection solutions,” said Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. (Booth C2220) “We pride ourselves in supporting the learning journey by developing solutions that have helped educators and students alike. Laser technology in particular is a game changer as it allows lessons to be delivered with the same impactful quality expected from all Epson display solutions with less downtime for educators.”

The PowerLite L-series, which is brighter, quieter, and nearly maintenance free with instant on/off functionality and a display size that can range from 300” to 500” in size, specifically reflects Epson’s commitment to providing technology that can enhance learning in a multitude of classrooms.

High Need for Hi-res, and Collaboration

“Most educators (and campus/district IT managers) seem to be looking for future-proofed solutions that help enable better learning efficiency. ViewSonic is developing products that address this.” (Viewable at Booth C2355.) “We’re driving towards increased penetration of longer lasting laser light source-based projectors, and higher resolution 4K-based displays and projectors. ViewSonic is also seeing increased demand for collaborative solutions so continue to innovate with our interactive projectors and ViewBoard interactive displays. We’ve been working closely with education specialists and teachers to find solutions.”

As part of these efforts, ViewSonic recently launched standard-setting MyViewBoard whiteboarding software. This software runs on a highly secure platform and allows for group communication locally or over the internet from anywhere between the host PC (or ViewBoard) and mobile devices. Users can annotate, share the screen and utilize the Cloud Service capabilities.

Sascha Zuger

Sascha has nearly two decades of experience as a freelance journalist writing for national magazines, including The Washington Post, LA Times, Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic Traveler, and others. She writes about education, travel and culinary topics.