Keep a Travel Blog

Have you already planned your summer trip? Not sure where to go or what would be the best way to go there? Wouldn't it be great to keep a travel blog and put up your pictures on the web? You can do that with any blog, but here's a place that will help you answer your questions and helps you challenge your Geography IQ.

TravelPod offers free travel blogs that let you chart your trips on a map, share unlimited photos and videos, and stay in touch while you travel.

You can view other people's travel blogs and follow their journeys on their map or join free and set up your own travel blog. There is also a Travel Challenge that you can take to test your Geography IQ.

  • Go to Traveler IQ
  • Scroll down and choose the desired challenge: World, North America, USA, etc.
  • Click start and choose your prompt for the location at the top of the map.
  • Click the map. You have 10 seconds to click where you think the location is on the map.
  • View your score. Your score will be calculated based on the amount of time it took you and how close you got.
  • Click Next.

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