Linking to online movies from Frontpage

Question: I use digital storytelling with my seniors and would like to feature their work on my class Website. When I try to insert the link, a small square appears but no video. How do I link to a digital video file when using Frontpage?

The IT Guy says:
Before making a link to your movie file, make sure you do two things:

  • Export the movie in a format suitable for Web streaming, depending on the connection speed of people who will be viewing it. For steps and tips on doing this with Windows MovieMaker2, refer to my how-to guide at “Export/Share Your Video."
  • Save the exported Web movie to your school’s Website, noting the exact relative location of the file and its exact filename. You can do this by right clicking the exported Web movie file on your desktop and choosing COPY. Navigate to your Frontpage Website from MY NETWORK PLACES and open the folder/directory where you want to save the movie file. Right click in the folder and choose PASTE.

On the Webpage where you want to add the movie link, type the text that will become the link. Highlight that text, then click on the hyperlink toolbar link (or choose INERT – HYPERLINK from the menu bar). Navigate to the file you saved to your Website in step 2 above, click on it, and click OK. Save your Webpage file, and the new link to your exported Web movie should be available online.

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