Mac or PC?

Our tech plan calls for laptop purchases to be made over the summer. We were set to go with PCs, but now a committee member has asked about Apple's new Intel-based Macintosh computers. Should we reconsider?

The recent trend in school purchasing has been to buy Windows-based machines. PCs are cheaper and run a wider selection of software. On the other hand, Macs do offer applications not available on a PC such as the iLife collection.

The trend may shift now with Apple's new Intel-based Macintosh computers. Why? Schools that have supported both platforms think they might see a cost savings if both Windows and Mac applications can be run on one machine. In addition, staff and students will have access to their favorite applications on both platforms.

It might be worth your committee's time to investigate the new Apple computers before making a final decision. Learn more at this page from Apple.

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