Maximum Operating Temperatures for Computers

Question: What is the maximum temperature in Centigrade that I should run my PC (XP pro)? Also, do you know where I can download a small program I've heard about that places the temperature in the bottom right corner of my screen (apparently it shows processor etc temperature and flashes red when it gets too hot).

The IT Guy says:
As a general rule, which should come as no surprise, the cooler the air is around your processor is, the better it will perform. This rule is subject to limits, you do not want the temperature to get too cold, but you definitely do not want it too hot either, or the processor will overheat and eventually fail.

The documentation that came with your computer originally should contain information about the optimal operating conditions for your computer, with temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade.

According to PC Power and Cooling's website, most computers are not certified to function at temperatures greater than 50 degrees Centigrade, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. By running your computer at a cooler temperature, you can extend the functional life of your components. Additional cooling fans can be added to many systems that can serve this role. If you are running an Intel or AMD processor a table on the following website provides temperature range guidelines for your computer.

As for freeware/shareware that monitors the temperature of your system, many options are available. Whether they work or not depends upon the type of system you are running, and in some cases what type of hard drive you have. HDD Temperature is one freeware program for Windows based computers. Another for Macintosh computers running OS X is Temperature Monitor.

As is the case with any freeware/shareware programs, take care when installing because these programs may cause conflicts or problems on your computer, depending on other software you have installed and your configuration.

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