Moviemaker2 will not import video

Question: We have installed a firewire card in our classroom computer so we can edit digital video, but the Moviemaker2 software will not recognize our camcorder after we launch the program and turn on the camcorder. What could be wrong?

The IT Guy says:
The problem might be the order in which you are turning things on and launching programs. With iMovie on a Macintosh, you can turn the camcorder on and it will be recognized by the software even if it is already running.

Not so on Windows XP computers running Moviemaker2. Make sure that before you launch/start the Moviemaker2 software program you plug in your DV camcorder to the computer via the firewire cable and firewire card, and turn the camcorder ON to the VCR or playback mode. Then wait a minute. Windows XP should automatically recognize the device and display a message about this, and then prompt you with a menu asking what you want to do. One of the choices should be to launch MovieMaker2 and import video

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