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N.C. district makes communication a priority

 The educators of Anson County Schools (ACS) believe that "all means all" -- as in their mission to "ensure that all students acquire skills and knowledge necessary to be successful and responsible citizens."
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The educators of Anson County Schools (ACS) believe that "all means all" -- as in their mission to "ensure that all students acquire skills and knowledge necessary to be successful and responsible citizens." Superintendent Dr. Greg Firn and his leadership team consider the district dashboard to be one of the critical elements in delivering on that mission. With grant funding, Anson County Schools has been putting together the programs and infrastructure to improve student achievement and district transparency.

“Using dashboards like these and sharing them with the community and School Board allow all of us to participate in the cycle of continuous improvement across the district, in every school and for every student," remarked Dr. Firn. "Our goal is really to make the invisible visible and improve operations and institutional effectiveness – everything that supports teachers and learning,”

Dashboards allow the district to create a dialogue with staff, parents, students and the community, and to demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability.

In the spring of 2010, performance management solutions provider Mariner conducted a Strategic Dashboard Envisioning project with ACS. Through this project, Mariner performed a technology infrastructure assessment, prototyped the Anson County Strategic Commitments Performance Management Dashboard, and developed a master implementation plan.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dr. Firn and Anson County Schools. There’s an atmosphere of innovation and urgency that enables all of us to work together to help each student reach their potential,” commented David “Fitz” Fitzgerald, Vice President of Mariner’s Education Group.

Currently, Mariner is working with Anson County Schools to create the fully-functional dashboards dedicated to each of the district’s Strategic Commitments.

ACS will use the SeeChange™ Community module, enabling the superintendent, principals and teachers to communicate the district’s goals, objectives, strategic commitments and progress toward those commitments to the school board and the community at large.



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