NEA approves PD course catalog

Learning Bridges, provider of research-based, online professional development programs, announced today that its entire catalog of online accredited courses has been approved by the Quality Review Board of the National Education Association. The board’s approval means that Learning Bridges courses are now available to National Education Association (NEA) members through the NEA Academy.

“When teachers master proven instructional strategies, student performance improves,” said Sandra K. Darling, Ph.D., president, Learning Bridges. “But many schools do not have the resources to effectively sort through the myriad options. We commend the NEA for developing a rigorous vetting process in order to ensure that its members have access to only the highest quality courses.”

All professional development courses offered through the NEA Academy website are carefully screened against a set of quality standards developed by NEA members in consultation with the National Staff Development Council. In the Quality Review Board’s evaluation, Learning Bridges courses and the system’s unique, patented approach scored in the high 90s out of a possible 100 on every quality standard.

According to a seven-year study by McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning), a nonprofit, nonpartisan education research organization, students whose teachers participate in Learning Bridges’ courses score 13 to 21 percentile points higher on district and state reading and math tests than other students. McREL cited the findings in a 2009 report, “Learning Bridges: The Relationship Between Online Professional Development and Student Achievement.”

From now until May, NEA Academy is offering Learning Bridges to its 3.9 million members at a 10 percent discount. The regular NEA discounted price will be in effect after May.