New Report Reveals Top ‘Accelerators’ Driving Digital Transformation

In the latest addition to CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation series, the organization today published the second of three new reports, titled Driving K-12 Innovation: 2019 Accelerators. The report examines the top five most impactful technology megatrends driving the needs and skills that are expected of K-12 students and educators. 

Selected by an international advisory board of more than 100 distinguished edtech experts, the top accelerators are: Learners as Creators; Data-Driven Practices; Personalization; Design Thinking; and Building the Capacity of Human Leaders.

The new report takes a closer look at two of the top five accelerators and provides real-world examples of their impact on learning:

  • Learners as Creators —By focusing on learning that utilizes doing and making, rather than simply understanding facts and concepts, educators can ensure that students acquire a skill set to solve real-world problems using invention and innovation moving forward.
  • Personalization — This accelerator encompasses the societal shift toward tailor-made student-teacher interactions and away from one-size-fits-all education. Using technology in education can amplify personalized learning spaces and pinpoint students’ immediate needs on a more granular level.

Driving K-12 Innovation is the successor to the K-12 edition of the NMC Horizon Report series — a forward-looking edition co-founded and co-led by CoSN that ran from 2007–2017. CoSN released the first report Driving K-12 Innovation: 2019 Hurdles in January. The last report on “tech enablers” is expected this summer, along with a toolkit.

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