New Survey Shows School Progress in Tech Still Challenging

New Survey Shows School Progress in Tech Still Challenging

SIIA released the results of the 2011 Vision K-20 Survey, its fourth annual national survey to measure U.S. educational institutions’ self-reported progress toward embracing tech. The means for change embodied in the Vision K-20 Survey are set forth as seven goals to prepare students for life in the 21st Century. These goals envision that:

• Schools meet the personalized learning needs of all students.

• Schools are accountable and information is available to improve teaching and learning.

• Students are motivated and involved in their education.

• Communication, connectivity and collaboration are integral to the learning process.

•The education enterprise is managed effectively and economically.

• Students can learn from any place at any time.

• Creativity and self-expression are nurtured.

Key findings from the report include:

• Participant technology ratings continue to be highest in the adoption of security tools and high-speed broadband access.

• Larger institutions tend to have higher scores than smaller institutions on all measures. There are no systemic differences by setting (rural/urban location).

• In general, and consistent with prior surveys, the scores are higher for participants from postsecondary institutions than those from K-12 institutions.

• For the third consecutive year, the lowest ranked benchmark was schools’ use of technology-based assessment tools.