Northwest ISD Embraces Geo-visual Analytic Software

Northwest ISD (NISD) in Texas is adding new geo-visual technology to their set of district analytic tools. The GuideK12 platform visualizes student data on an interactive map to allow real-time analysis for academic needs, boundary planning, capacity analysis, and resource placement.

Dr. Edward Chevallier, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction comments, “We are excited to implement GuideK12. The dynamic nature of the software will help us streamline the planning processes for everything from academic needs, facilities, boundaries to looking at wireless access points throughout the district for the next phase of our 1:1 program.” Dr. Chevallier continues, “Being able to query on our student data will allow faster, more effective decisions on aligning resources with the needs in the district and better anticipate future needs to help us serve our community.”

Since 2003, the student population at NISD has nearly tripled, spanning from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area, extending through the sprawling suburbs of the city. GuideK12 allows district users to interact with the district map, select specific areas and run queries, providing insight that may have not been apparent before.

“The ability to understand the evolving needs of this diverse and expanding community while also anticipating future needs is paramount to ensure NISD continues to serve its students and community as best as possible," added Chevallier. "Having real-time data is critical because of the speed at which our dynamics change, and the ability to analyze new student data on a daily basis is so beneficial.”