Parking Lot

What do you do with people that interrupt you during your workshop? Some teachers have great ideas and want to share, but what they want to talk about takes you off the topic. A good thing to do is "Parking Lot."

  • At the beginning of your session, put up a flip chart or use a whiteboard.
  • Write “Parking Lot†at the top of the area where you want people to share their ideas.
  • Explain that if anyone has an idea, topic, or question that does not relate to the topic being discussed, write it on the “Parking Lot.â€
  • Before the end of the session, go to the “Parking Lot†and review, discuss, and answer, if possible, any topics placed here.

This provides everyone an opportunity to ask or share ideas without taking extra time during the session.

Submitted by:Christine Mckenzie, Cluster Instructional Specialist
eMINTS National Center, Columbia, MO

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