Partnership promotes data-driven instruction

netTrekker and global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), have partnered to help educators conduct data-driven instruction. DataDirector, an online assessment management system from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, is now integrated with netTrekker, enabling teachers to identify standards-aligned, digital content that can be used to address students’ individual needs and overcome performance gaps for specific learning objectives.

DataDirector is an online assessment data tracking, reporting, and management solution that allows users to compare multiple sets of data that they may identify needed interventions, devise enhanced curriculums, and drive the academic achievement of all students, from struggling readers to high performers to special student populations. DataDirector helps educators make sense of a wide range of data at every level and track student assessment over time.

With this new integration, school and district subscribers who have both netTrekker and DataDirector can access netTrekker content for remediation from their Exam Report in DataDirector to help improve performance for every student. Teachers have immediate access to standards-aligned digital content for remediation on a specific standard for whole-class re-teaching, or remediation for individual students. Once in netTrekker, they can use its refinement menus to find exactly the type of content they need for individual students, such as video, interactive learning exercises, educational games, and more.

netTrekker offers more than 300,000 educator-reviewed digital resources that are aligned to standards and span the entire K-12 curriculum, including collections from many trusted content providers.

The company has previously partnered with HMH on other education initiatives. netTrekker is integrated with the Learning Village Curriculum Management Solution and the Edusoft® Assessment Management System from HMH. The Learning Village is a curriculum management system that creates a single point of access for curriculum, collaboration, teaching, and professional development. From one central portal, educators tap into online instructional resources from netTrekker, and collaborate in the broader district-wide learning community.

The Edusoft® Assessment Management System helps schools administer district benchmarks and classroom tests quickly and easily, deliver rapid results, improve the reliability of assessment programs, and connect assessment to instructional decisions. Using the Edusoft assessment platform to access netTrekker’s standards-aligned resources provides targeted and prescriptive instruction to improve student performance.