Phone Tips

Accessing info you need when you have to reach out.

As we get closer to winter we start to think more of inclement weather and possible school closure procedures. Like most organizations we have developed an emergency phone tree that quickly allows us to inform staff of a school closure or late opening. We traditionally print out a paper copy for staff, and now also post it to our private staff web site. Having it posted on our web site allows staff to access it from just about anywhere. In addition posting it on the web also provides access to it from phone-based web browsers. For example I have our staff phone tree bookmarked on my iPhone. (This will work with just about any phone web browser...) From the phone I can navigate to the phone tree and because it is a web document, the phone numbers are linked and with the push of a button I can dial any of the numbers to contact staff members. Not an earth shattering use of technology, but one that does make my life a little simpler.

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