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Portable speakers amplify Georgia learning

Located in Marietta, Ga., Daniell Middle School serves nearly 1,000 middle school students in grades 6-8 and has projector systems and laptop computers installed in multiple classrooms for teachers to use during class instruction.

As the school's media specialist, Sara Harris knew that a projector and laptop combination required a quality speaker system that would allow the entire class to hear what is being played or presented. "As an example, many of our teachers use Georgia Public Broadcast Education Streaming to view educational videos. It is critical that all students in the class hear the digital content being streamed," Harris explained.

Harris and her team decided to purchase PresentationPro (PA300+) speakers from Califone International, Inc. The speakers are available as installed or portable, wired or wireless, and can be used for indoor or outdoor functions.

A PresentationPro unit accepts one wireless and two wired microphones at the same time, offers a 16-channel UHF microphone receiver, and has a line output to additional wired speakers for larger presentations. Complete wired and wireless systems include one PresentationPro speaker, a wireless volume/mute remote control with a choice of a hands-free or a handheld wireless microphone, and an optional tripod. These features allow educators to transition from one activity to another without disrupting class participation.

Most units were placed in the library, as well as science and social studies classrooms, while others are used in the school's theater and gym for use during events.

"We chose the PresentationPro speakers from Califone because they were portable and so easy to install," Harris said. "The reactions from our educators have been really positive; some of our staff members who don't have them want them, which is always nice to hear," she concluded.