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from Technology & Learning We present this year's winning student photos. Place a digital camera in the hands of a student and watch the creativity blossom. This year's more than 4,000 Portraits of Learning entries attest to the growing comfort with digital technologies and visual arts that today's kids
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from Technology & Learning

We present this year's winning student photos.

Place a digital camera in the hands of a student and watch the creativity blossom. This year's more than 4,000 Portraits of Learning entries attest to the growing comfort with digital technologies and visual arts that today's kids have. Our editorial and art team faced a tough challenge as they pored over a range of imaginative natural and manipulated photos in search of high-quality execution, unique perspectives, and compelling stories. The subjects varied wildly—from grasshoppers, giraffes, zebras, and inchworms to delicate sand-colored seashells, purple blossoms, and pink sunsets. We saw motion and action, with leaping and cartwheels and soccer-ball kicking. Manipulated shots ranged from subtle black-and-white rivers and leafy pathways to shadowy chessboards and bright and sweeping orange desert skies. In the end, the following 12 winners emerged from the selection. First place winners receive Adobe Photoshop Elements and a digital camera. Students' school wins an Adobe Digital Kids Club Digital Photography Lab Kit, including three digital cameras (or equivalent) and accessories. Second place winners receive Adobe Photoshop Elements. The best digitally enhanced photo will receive Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3. Enjoy the following photos, and be sure to visit techlearning.com to check out the many honorable mentions.

Elementary School Winners

1st Place

Second Place Winners

Middle School Winners

1st Place

Second Place Winners

High School Winners

1st Place

Second Place Winners

Best Manipulated Photo

Elementary School Winners
First Place

Cameron Gambler, Grade 6
Sagamore Middle School
Holtsville, NY
Teacher: Lauren Lewonka

"I was able to edit this animal picture to make the background nicer. In the original, the animals look good but the background has cars and things that take away from the natural look. But now the whole photograph looks more natural with no hint of humans around."

Judges were particularly impressed by Cameron's seamless blending of background and foreground and the rich coloring of the sky, which enhanced the animals' profiles.

Elementary School Winners
Second Place

Paper Crane
Parker Herren, Grade 6
Christ Academy
Wichita Falls, TX
Teacher: Vicki Powell

"My picture demonstrates how the use of a digital camera captures the reflection of light."

Check Mate
Cai Baralt, Grade 3
Shorecrest Preparatory School
St. Petersburg, FL
Teacher: Anna Baralt

"Taking pictures has taught me to see the world from different angles. You can find beauty wherever you look; you just have to look hard enough."

Upside Down Sister
Jewel Burleson, Grade 2
Walker Creek Elementary
North Richland Hills, TX
Teacher: Joanne Davis

"My sister likes to be upside down. She is my best friend and we love to play together."

Middle School Winners
First Place

Lonely River
Tejasvir Rekhi, Grade 8
Woodward Academy Middle School
College Park, GA
Teacher: Paul Vogt

"Technology is a helpful tool and a troublesome one too. I can enjoy my free time with so many choices, all because of technology. Then, there are those people who use this technology to trouble others."

Judges remarked on the subtle manipulation of light and shadow, serving to heighten the photo's sense of mystery and drama.

Middle School Winners
Second Place

Rachel Leach, Grade 8
J. T. Henley Middle School
Crozet, VA
Teacher: Tammy Scot

"It gives an artistic angle."

Rainbow Peacock
Madison LaRose, Grade 8
Key Peninsula Middle School
Lakebay, WA
Teacher: Michael Hunziker

"This photograph shows the wonder of nature captured in one little moment."

Playground Spiral
Lauren Giovanoli, Grade 8
J. T. Henley Middle School
Crozet, VA
Teacher: Tammy Scot

"This photo demonstrates how different angles of the camera can be interesting... even of uninteresting objects."

High School Winners
First Place

Woopsies. He died.
Audrey Baechle, Grade 9
Savannah Arts Academy
Savannah, GA
Teacher: Trellis Payne

"In this photo I wanted to show a side of humor and seriousness at the same time."

Judges gave Audrey an A+ for the careful preparation and thoughtful, artistic composition of this beautifully timed black-and-white shot.

High School Winners
Second Place

Tyler Lackey, Grade 10
San Saba High School
San Saba, TX
Teacher: Colleen Womack

"My friends and I love to have fun. And we do every chance we get. In this photo I wanted it to SCREAM fun. And I feel as if it has."

Juliana Dearr, Grade 10
Coral Reef Senior High
Miami, FL
Teacher: Colette Stemple

"Technology assists in my learning experience by assuring me that I have easy and quick access to information and the creative tools I need to compete in the 21st century. Art is so much more fun when technology helps you manipulate your photos in ways the pioneers couldn't even imagine."

Corner of SoBe
Giselle Neukirchner, Grade 12
Coral Reef Senior High
Miami, FL
Teacher: Colette Stemple

"Technology gives people the opportunity to learn from different cultures and backgrounds by exposing them to different settings."

Best Manipulated Photo

The Fall of Autumn
Stephanie Tarnish, Grade 12
Davenport Central High School
Davenport, IA
Teacher: Clint Balsar

"When it comes to digital, I love photography. With all of the software, it makes it enjoyable. I used Adobe Lightroom to create a sepia tone, then made it darker and added a vignette on the border."



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