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Power Play: An Activity About Capturing Power

Power Play: An Activity About Capturing Power How can you wind walk a dog? How can a bicycle cut a log? These experiments can be conducted here by placing the correct parts between the source of power and the desired result. American Association for the Advancement of Science • Learning

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The Power of Portals

While the phrase “school portal” may sound as dated as “information superhighway” or even “Don’t copy that floppy,” in fact the idea is finally becoming an effective solution for schools.

Women, Power and Politics

 March is Women's History Month. The International Museum of Women offers an online museum exhibition organized around nine themes related to women, power and politics. Learn how women around the world have and are claiming a place at the political

Copper Caper

 Discover how to turn old dingy pennies bright and shiny, as you watch. Then explore the chemistry behind the reaction.  This activity uses common household items.